Government of Kenya given ultimatum to resolve Mau Narok land issue

The Government of Kenya has been given an ultimatum of 48hours to solve the controversial Mau Narok Land issue.
Youth Led – Narok County Congress Press Release
Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Statement:
When we promulgated the new constitution, we thought it was the end of impunity, tribalism and nepotism but it was an exercise infutility because some of the people in government are using IDP’s IMPOSTERS to expropriate community lands from communities that they perceives as weak. That is why this time as a community of Maa we condemn such an activity and we are not going to allow our land to be a political trading ground. It is against our socio-economic right that is reserved in the new constitution for the government to use force against its citizens. We ask the president and Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta if they are charitable enough to surrender the lands that they own to their imposed IDPs. In the recent days we’ve seen communities reconciling a proof that all the genuine IDPS went back to lands and that some people in government are using the name to settle some landless people from a certain community on other peoples land. WE ARE ALSO LANDLESS…..

1. Despite the current treaties the Maasai in Mau have been in peace with other communities since time immemorial. Why is the government trying to create enmity between them?
2. TJRC is partisan on the issue if not why the selectiveness on these if the solutions are to be found?
3. We as the Maasai do have the right to be heard as provided for in the constitution and therefore the government must allow.Our pending cases at the CJ office to proceed…… and determination to be arrived at.
4. The 30,000 acre in question that include Kasuku Farm, Muthera Farms, Sansora Farm among others were under lease with the British colonies but was forcefully grabbed and geographically covered to Nakuru currently Molo constituency by those in power who includes Simeon Nyanchae, Mbio Koinange among others.
5. That the land in question 2,400 acres owned by Rose Brothers (Kasuku Farm and Machungua Farm) are still under lease and not a private property as stated before.
6. That our people are innocent and are demanding for their rights like other Kenyans. We are landless and poor, all as a result of the rich at the expense of the poor and weak.
7. We are tired of harassment, social injustice and impunity from the government to our people. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
8. If the IDP resettlement issue is genuine, what’s the need for the vice president to use 180million in a mere shuttle diplomacy that bear NO fruits to TAX PAYERS.
9. If IDPS are not going back to their lands, who are currently owning the same land that belonged to them?
10. If Hon. Mirugi is genuine and fair why should she contradict her statements that IDPS in camps are not genuine and at the same note she forcefully demands for the settlement of IDPs in Mau?
11. If the IDPS are genuine why did the refuse to be resettled in Laikipia and land is land ….?

Our Stand:
1. We allow the government ONLY 48 hrs ultimatum to stop the surveying process and honor our case, failure to which we will stage more action all over Maasai land.
2. This matter is so serious in our community in the manner that we can consider secession.
3. If the Kenyan judiciary is not given a chance we shall seek justice else where e.g. African court among others.
4. The government should nullify all treaties made against Maasai land since 1900 and respect the new constitution.
5. The ongoing scramble and partitioning of Maasai land should be stopped immediately because we perceive these as neo-colonization.
6. Its against our domestic and international law for the government to continue enslaving its citizens in such a manner and extent of expropriating its land. We therefore demand a stop of that and possible reparation from government.
7. There is a lot of idle land in the hands of a few people e.g. Kenyatta family which was taken away from the Kikuyu community which they should surrender back for resettlement of IDP’s. If not we shall enjoin the cases against the land grabbers in international courts of Law.
8. We call upon the government to overhaul the TJRC since its partisan and intentionally designed to fail in its mandate.
9. We call upon the KHRC to intervene and investigate the conduct of the police in handling the peaceful demonstrators at the Tipis centre who were brutally harassed and the loss of livestock that includes sheep and cattle in the 2400 acres of land.
10. The government should release and withdraw charges raised against the ageing and youths arrested while demonstrating for their rights.
11. The 50 Vs 50 (IDPs 50%, Maasai 50%) representation plan within the government secret plan is not appropriate and we shall not allow any intruder in that land.
12. Uhuru and his alies should note that we are aware of their misguided and mischievous political skims, buying of land and reselling it to the government with a profit while protecting their ill gotten land.

Notes to editors
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Maren Swakei, Narok County Congress
TEL: +254 710 366 855


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Members of the youth led Narok County Congress addressing the press.
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Date: 31/03/2011




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