Kenya: Flood hits Maasai land again

Maasai land in Narok experiences yet another flood

Wednesday 30th March, 2011

It was 3:00pm and the clouds had already gathered preparing for the normal rains in Narok county. This county is renowned for bearing the seventh wonder of the world, The Maasai Mara.

Farmers were seen cheering there way to restaurants and hotels for a hot cup of coffee as they celebrated the rains that would wet their farming grounds and allow their crops to grow. This is the wheat and maize farming season in Narok.

Narok County is well known for its high income gained from levies coming from the Maasai Mara national reserve. Infact, Narok County council is considered one of the richest county councils in Kenya.

It is also a fact that Narok soil is one of the highest wheat producers in Kenya. Normally in this season the town is always flocked by people from all over the country with an intention to strike gold in the wheat farms.

This day would be an exception as the cup of coffee turned sour. It was raining as usual when cars started hooting from the North of the county, Siyapei centre and headed for the south, Ololulung’a centre.

In no time the town was covered in muddy water. At a higher ground, I saw cars floating on water as they were swayed towards the Ewaso Ngiro river, valuables of all kinds not withstanding.

Worst of all, temporary kiosks, (vibandas), stalls and not very well structured buildings followed suit. It is a disaster women and men were seen crying and running into the waters trying to salvage what they could. The floods had hit Narok town again.

These floods have been known to come in sequence. This is the sixth time since 2009. Why the wananchi of Narok always await this is because the government is doing nothing about it.

In the last floods, it was discovered that Narok town was constructed in a sewer, the drainage system is also poor. This was reported to the concerned authorities yet upto date nothing was done.

With the benefit of the richest county council still Narok residents mostly the minorities continue to suffer consequences of the frequent floods. Losses will be counted in businesses, farms and homes.Communication and infrastructure will go down.

Narok county will go one step backward in development as it tries to recover from the disaster.

The questions still go unanswered:-

a)Who will repair the damage?
b)What is the county council and the government doing about the structure and drainage system in Narok county?
c)When will the people of Narok town ever recover from the occasioned continuous flood damages or will Narok be totally covered in mud and the small town slowly go away. Disappearing in mud never to be seen again.

The damage is done and as darkness falls, no one in Narok knows when or if things will get back to normal or if the floods will hit again the next day.


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The Narok-Kisii road, blocked by the floods.
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The floods at the centre of the town
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Traffic stuck to one side of the town as the floods continue.
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Date: 31/03/2011




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