Interview with Akli Bessadah: an Amazigh who escaped Libya

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Akli Bessadah is an Amazigh from Libya.

Unrecognised by the Libyan government, the Amazigh people had to flee their desert homes because of environmental calamities and lack of resources. They remain on the sidelines of mainstream society, face discrimination and are forced to live isolated from the rest of the population (in the interview Akli says “they are forced to live in the corner of these states”).

Akli, together with a group of friends, has produced a video that explains the situation for a group of Amazigh people in a settlement in the southern Libyan city of Sebha. This settlement, which has been repeatedly destroyed by the government, is made up of mud houses built with cardboard.

In this interview, Akli expresses his deep concern about the plight of the Amazighs in Libya, and lists his community's demands: recognition of their culture, language, tradition and to be treated equally, together with the wish to participate in Libyan social and political life.

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Date: 31/03/2011




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