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Racism, xenophobia and racial discrimination in Argentina

English language audio interview with activist Nengumbi Celestin Sukama, president of IARPIDI (Instituto Argentino para la Igualdad, Diversidad e Integración).  The NGO works in Argentina to defend the rights of asylum seekers and political refugees from the African continent, and to combat racial discrimination against native Afro-Argentinians and African descendants from other countries in the hemisphere.

The interview provides a first hand account of the strong challenges faced by all black people in Argentine society from the specific perspective of someone who arrived in the country some 15 years ago as an asylum seeker from Zaire (now the Democractic Republic of Congo).

Along with Afro-Argentineans of colonial period ancestry and post Second World War African migrants from the island of Cape Verde, over the past decade Argentina has been experiencing an ever increasing inflow  of migrants from  African countries such as Senegal, Nigeria, Mali and Ghana.  This is in addition to African descendants from regional states such as Uurguay, Haiti, Brazil and Colombia. All face an enduring legacy of systemic marginalization, discrimination and official disinterest with roots that date back to the very begining of the formation of Argentine society and its institutions.

The interview offers insight into just how racism, discrimination and xenophobia can directly affect the everyday social and economic reality of black people of all ages and backgrounds in Argentina -- especially with respect to education levels and income opportunity.

It also helps to explain how these overt as well as covert policies and practices work to ensure that the groups remain restricted to the very lowest levels of the social and economic structure in Argentina, despite consistent efforts to obtain legal redress, equal opportunity and  improve their quality of life.  

Running time: 18min:07sec

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Date: 28/04/2011




Racism/Discrimination/Hate speech

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Name: Nengumbi Celestin Sukama, Instituto Argentino para la Igualdad, Diversidad e Integraci├│n (IARPIDI)

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