Al-Ahwaz: Iran's best-kept dirty secret

Ahwazi's have not only been denied their most basic civil, political and human rights, they have been tortured, imprisoned and killed in the most brutal ways on a regular basis by Iranian intelligence and Iranian revolutionary guards. Journalists and human rights activists who have dared to speak up have been also been silenced, imprisoned or killed. These harsh conditions have caused more and more Ahwazi's to leave and settle in Europe. Thousands of Ahwazi refugees reside alongside Palestinians in Al-Waleed camp, Iraq and others have fled over the border to Kuwait and Syria.

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Photo: Washing and shrouding of a deceased Ahwazi, Iran. Courtesy of Ahwazi Organisation for the Defence of Human Rights

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Date: 12/05/2011


Culture and Tradition

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Name: Sumaiya Farooq (Ahwazi Activist and Journalist)

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