Uganda: Meet the first Mutwa graduate

Alice Nyamihanda is the first Mutwa person from Uganda to achieve a university diploma. In this video, she talks about the barriers to education she faced growing up, and how she overcame these challenges to attend university and finish her diploma.

Batwa in Uganda are originally forest dwellers and have been almost entirely dispossessed of their land by the combined pressures of government departments responsible for conservation and cultivators claiming land. The loss of their homes means Batwa people are close to extinction, and the few thousand left often live in impoverished conditions.

In this video, Alice talks about how she wants to continue with her education so she can go back and help her community in the future.

This video was shot in Rwanda by Shobha Das, Minority Rights Group’s Director of Programmes.

Find out more about Batwa on the MRG online directory and read about MRG’s project supporting Batwa women to challenge gender-based discrimination and violence. 

Photo: Batwa women in southern Uganda

Credit: MRG

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Date: 04/10/2011




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