Indigenous Chichewa dictionary launched in Malawi

The Chichewa Dictionary has just been launched in Malawi.

Chichewa, also known as Nyanja, is a Bantu spoken language. It is the national language of Malawi but is also an official language in several African countries including Zambia (mostly spoken in the Eastern Province, Lusaka), Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Chichewa is traceable from the Eastern Province of Zambia from the 15th century. In Zambia, Chewa is spoken by the Ngoni and Kunda, and hence a neutral name Chinyanja "(language) of the lake" (referring to Lake Malawi), is used instead of Chewa.

Photo: Edwin Nyirongo, displaying traditional Malawi attire during an MRG media training in Botswana

Credit: Mohamed Matovu

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Date: 26/10/2011




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