Dominican Republic: Marginalized, harrassed and criminalized

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Spanish language interview with Chandai Estevez of the Dominican Republic, a member of the youth organization Afro-Alianza Dominicana and Executive Secretary of the Circulo de Juventud Afro de las Americas (Circle of Afrodescendant Youth of the Americas)
Among the themes covered are age discrimination, youth policy and participation and a particular concern with the racial profiling, police violence, harrasment, extra-judicial killings and  criminalization of regional Afrodescendant youth.

The interview also examines perceptions of identity wthin the Dominican Republic including the national idea that the Afrodescendant identification exists only within a migrant Haitian context.  It also describes efforts being made by Afro Alianza to encourage greater refelection on such themes, and to strengthen identity, self-esteem and culture among Afro-Dominican youth.

Running Time:  10min: 07sec 

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Date: 03/11/2011


Dominican Republic


Culture and Tradition
Racism/Discrimination/Hate speech

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Name: Chandrai E. Estévez ; AfroAlianza Dominicana

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