Iran arrests, tortures and kills Ahwazi Arabs in new clampdown

The Ahwazi Arab community is witnessing a fresh wave of arrests, detentions and killings at the hands of the Iranian regime, which has instituted martial law and imposed an information blackout over the region. Detainees are being held in solitary confinement in secret detention centres run by the Ministry of Intelligence. Two young Arabs have died while being held in the custody. Nasser Alboshokeh-Darafshan (20) was arrested on 26 January and was killed under torture on 30 January. Mohammad Kaabi (21) was arrested on 21 January and killed under torture on 2 February. Nasser was taken to a hospital in Ahwaz when he was close to death, but doctors claimed the extent of his injuries – broken neck and ribs, bleeding from the nose and ears and deep wounds all over his body – meant his life could not be saved. However, the authorities claimed his death was of ‘natural causes’.

Read more and download the full report from Ahwazi Solidarity group by clicking on the link below.

Photo: history teacher Hassan Manabi (left) and his brother Ghalib (right), a prominent singer. Both were detained by the authorities in November 2011

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Date: 07/02/2012




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