African Canadians: Navigating the Ontario justice system & rebuilding young lives

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" There is a broad understanding that as a population black young people in Canada are more likely to be stopped by the police than any other ethnic group … It's a process of criminalization,  it's a process of stereotyping. You find there is greater police presence and police surveillance in black communities ...on almost every street corner you will see a police car." - Mobafa Baker

The African Canadian Legal Clinic (ACLC) is a community based organization that provides legal services to African Canadians in Ontario and engages in law reform, advocacy and public legal education. Since 2006 the ACLC has been involved in the African Canadian Youth Justice program where community justice workers connect with young people in the courts and in custody, helping them and their families navigate through the justice system. 

In this audio interview Mobafa Baker, Program Director for the ACLC Youth Justice Education Programme, explains the work of the organization and outlines the support the programme provides to African Canadian young men who have been involved in the justice system and are now trying to free themselves and rebuild their lives. 

Time: 12 min:10 sec

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Date: 08/02/2012




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Name: Mobafa Baker, Program Director, African Canadian Legal Clinic, Youth Justice Education Program

Telephone: 416 214 4747; Mobile: : +1 416 476 6473

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