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Kenya: Being Maasai - Photo story 

This October MRG and 9 Eastern European journalists travelled to the Maasai Mara, the land of the Maasai in Narok, Kenya. Visiting journalists were making news to spread the word back at home about life in developing countries and thus help their compatriots understand their countries' role and commitments in the global world and international development. This photo story gives you a few snapshots of the traditional...

MRG Podcast: February 2016 

Welcome to MRG’s February 2016 Minority Voices podcast. This month we ask Maasai women for their views on female circumcision in Kenya, and tune in to the melodic sounds of the Garifuna of Central America. ...

Global: Intercultural - Raising awareness of the misinterpretation of nationalities living in modern day societies 

The journey that lead to the creation of “Intercultural” began long before my time. If I may take you back to the British Raj era, the year of 1891 when my great great grandmother a young girl of six years old played on the beach in Goa, India. A British soldier approached her and offered candy, which she accepted as a kind gesture....

Guatemala: Indigenous women activists, a photostory 

Indigenous women and girls are increasingly at the forefront of evolving and emerging resistance movements in Guatemala. It is vital to understand their role as agents of change in spaces for socio-political and environmental activism, particularly in light of international focus on the rights of women and indigenous peoples. Their combined gender and ethnic  identities not only determine the womens' struggles, but also facilitate...

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